Battle Of Reverence is the trending games of real battle ground.

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The Battle of Reverence is a true battle royal action game. It provides an online multiplayer mobile game and delivers a premium experience of intense combat with a high frame rate, ultra HD-resolution and realistic graphics and amazing effects.


Hardest battle has always fought on beautiful ground

The Krur Kshetra is an enormously large island, stretching up to 8X8 km with stunning views from every corner of the map, containing grass land, desert land, and ice land on a single map. The Krur Kshetra map has an open field for players who like to play wildly and also has cities for players who like to play strategically. Whether it is a long-range shooting game or close-range urban combat, this glorious ground is designed while keeping in mind every possible game play scenario.

barabandar map place